About us

Photography by Paul Merino is a photo and video Project led by Paul Merino, a well known Commercial and Real Estate Photographer in the Tri-state area.
We also provide advanced marketing services for particular clients or real estate agents.  And, Yes!  We do event photography.  Check our galleries.

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The Crew

Paul Merino
Hello All again. Let me introduce myself and my team.  I am Paul, a photographer, electrical engineer, and Real Estate Agent in New Jersey.  RealtyOneGroup Legend.

I have been in the field for quite some time. Which means that I have the experience to understand and project the best of your property or event. I have provided advance marketing services to agencies and clients using our tools (photography, video, and web development).

As a Real Estate Agent and photographer I know exactly those details we have to follow and show on every tour we start developing. That’s why I am very familiar with your objectives to attract and get the best business.

Nestor Cristanxo  (New York) 

Nestor Cxo Photographer
Nestor Cxo

 Journalist, photographer, and videographer based in New  York City.

Paul and I have been photographing together for over 15 years.  The image (photography or video) is an opportunity to tell stories. Even making a video of a property we have the key to show the best of it.

Let’s say, I am the artistic part of the team. I play with lighting, deep of field, and compositions to get outstanding images. 

I also work with youth in grades 6 through 8 as a media and journalism tools instructor in New York charter schools.

So, I am your New York shooter and the guy in charge of editing your videos…